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Enjoy your vacation days by hosting Nepal adventure

Nepal is the most famous tourists place to do different adventure activities. Hosting trip in Nepal gives wonderful and thrilling experience to the tourists. It makes visitors to explore religion, diverse culture and village people. Arranging tour in Nepal helps you to see more adventure spots in the region. Majority of tourists are hosting trip with the help of travel agents to get all facilities in the adventure. Travel agents offer various opportunity to tourists possible in tour, expedition, and trek in Nepal. It is the perfect place to make the family tour, a pilgrimage tour and others. You get different service by choosing travel agents.

Use travel agents:

People living in Nepal are welcoming tourist to visit most wondering places on the vacation time. Travel agents are arranging travel package based on your limited budget. They offer an excellent tour for all travelers to spend their holidays at the new tourist place. In the adventure, you might able to see all natural spot. Experts make a schedule of tour according to your need. You see various views of cultural varieties in Nepal. However, travel agents arrange a tour package to enjoy vacation days on amazing places. They also provide the wonderful natural beauty of tourist spots which gives a fantastic view of culture to visitors.


Ama Dablam Expedition discovers lots of gorgeous mountain peaks in the Everest. Experts guide travelers to climb peaks easily with no issues. Climbers get thrilling experience on hiking mountain peak in the adventure. Climbing peaks in the destination are very difficult. Experienced trekkers offer guidance to the climbers to hike mountains a possible way. The expert team assists you to host trekking to reach the summit for a short time. You get best chance to climb mountains with the trekking group. You can see the magnificent view of mountains in the expedition. It allows you to capture photographs with mountain peaks on the trekking.

Get breathtaking experience:


Everest Expedition gives more opportunity to climbers to see beautiful views of mountain peaks. All mountaineers have to walk via snow-capped mountains and ice rocks in the Everest region. You can see some wondering beauty of nature before reaching the camp. Through traditional climbing routes, all trekkers travel in the expedition. If you choose travel experts, then they allow you to host trekking at an affordable cost and gain thrilling experience in your life.


Pick Affordable Annapurna Base Camp Trekking Tour Package

The Annapurna is one of the most popular destinations for trekking in Nepal. It is an amazing and exclusive walk through the beautiful landscape with the mountain vistas, village, valley and others. It offers the great opportunity to the trekking to view the incredible mountain views. The Mount Annapurna is located 8091m above the sea level. It is the 10th tallest mountain on the earth.


The trekkers can reach the destination through the Mount Machapuchhre that is respected by the Nepal people for its excellent beauty. You can choose the Annapurna Base Camp trek tour package and enjoy the vacation with the loved one. It is the perfect place for both the fresher and experienced persons. The separate route is designed for the trotters who desire to trek to the Annapurna base camp of the mountain.

Annapurna Trekking routes

The Annapurna base camp trekking routes are accessible with the various starting based on the trekker’s choice. The trekking tour starts and ends at the Pokhara. You can hire the experienced and knowledgeable guide for the trekking tour. They help you to complete the trekking tour in a safe manner. This trekking can be done easily without any trekking experience. The Trekking in Nepal is possible to do in all season. But sometimes the base camp is closed in the winter season due to the high level of snow. The trekking guide will choose the trekking tour based on the trekker’s health condition.

Everest base camp trekking

The Everest base camp trek is famous trekking tour in Nepal. The Mount Everest is the highest peak in Nepal. In the Mt. Everest trekking tour, you can visit the beautiful mountain peak, village, Forest, Valley, and others. This trekking tour is not easy than the other mountains. The Everest base camp trekking tour takes up to 15 days depends on the trekkers. You can select the trekking tour package according to the vacation, budget, and others.

Everest base camp trek

In the Mount Everest trekking tour, you can learn the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of Nepal people. You should bring the trekking equipment for the trekking tour. The trekking routes are crowded in the Mount Everest during the peak season. The month of March to May and September to December are the best time to trek in the Mount Everest. You can create the memorable moment with the friends and family in the trekking tour.

Mountain trip- visit the largest peak in the world

Now, mountain trip is hosted in the Everest region by trekking experts. Tourists acquire the high level of service from professionals and climb mountains easily. Lots of choice avails by tourists to arrange mountain trip in the region. (external link removed) is the most beautiful and spectacular mountain in the world. It gives an unforgettable experience on climbing mountains. In the mountain trip, tourists might see striking summit views of Makalu, Everest, and Lhotse. On climbing mountains, tourists walk on technical rock, base camp ice and snow climbing of mountains. In this region three camps avail with the wonderful ridge. Expedition helps you to view the largest peak in the world.

Ama Dablam Expedition

Professional guide for the expedition:

Travel experts guide professional to reach mountain at a specific time with no hassle. They are experienced on hosting mountain trip to make peal climbing to be successful. The professional team has a maximum of four climbers to guide all tourists in a certain language. You might obtain the depth of Sherpa experience by hiring experts. The expert team offers you unmatched support to visit all the stunning places on the climbing.

It is a great opportunity for people those who like to hike mountains on the vacation days. They provide proper training for participants to reach the summit with no hassle. If you are looking for travel experts to arrange a trip on the best season, then choose the best experts from online. Travel agents provide complete information to host trekking at your cost-effective budget.
Get training:

(external link removed) takes several nights to climb mountains quickly. Experts are experienced in the field and provide the best training to all climbers. The training includes climbing techniques, rope fixing, abseiling, use of oxygen, belaying, ascending, descending, glacier travel, safety techniques, and others. Climbers hike mountains with acclimatization of various base camps. Training will be offered by well-experienced professionals. You acquire tips on how to climb mountains smoothly and easily in the region.


Book Nepal tour:

Online travel agents provide 100% successful summit cost to host the trip. You can arrange a tour in Nepal with the help of travel experts. Now, online booking of the tour is open to experienced climbers over the globe. They accept a maximum of eight climbers in a single group. It helps you to become a hero on the adventure climbing. If you are interested to climb a mountain in the Everest region so book trip today from the online portal.


Ultimate Tips for Trekking In Nepal

Do you want to go for Trekking in Nepal? No matter, whether you an amateur or experienced one, the following trekking tips will help you a lot. In Nepal, you will find several trekking trails, each offer different experience for the trekkers. Thus, you need to choose the trek, which meets your needs and demands. Using the following trekking tips, you will make your trekking trip as an unforgettable one.

Decide on guide or independent trekking

The common question firstly comes from the minds of the trekkers is whether doing trekking independently or through a reliable trekking company. The choice is completely based on your demands. The common trekking trails such as (external link removed) and Annapurna circuit trek always loaded with plenty of trekkers so that you can go independently. If you are planning to take on the remote trek, then you must hire the trekking company because they help you in all means.

Everest base camp trek

Research more about the trekking company

Once you have decided to engage with the trekking company, you need to find the reliable one who offers the best service for many years. Never go with the company purely based on the cost and do not work with the company, which does not have a good online presence. Try to check the company online reviews and testimonials before working with them. Research and get to know whether they offer an English-speaking guide, porter, advanced trekking gears, and so on.

Try to pack trekking items properly

Carrying a big bag will trouble in several ways, which can even spoil your trekking. Hence, try to pack smart and light so that you can deal with the extreme weather condition in Nepal region. Always pack essential items in your bag such as first aid kit, sleeping bag, shoes, water bottle, and so on. Instead of spending money on buying trekking gears, you can rent it in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Take care of your body


No matter, whether you choose hard treks such as (external link removed) and easy trek such as Poon Hill trek, you should take care of your health. It is because having sound health will help you enjoy the trek to the core. The worst thing happens during your trek is the altitude sickness. Therefore, listen to your body and provide enough assistance. Keep in mind that you should hydrate yourself often and exercise regularly.


Guide To Choose Right Trekking Agency In Nepal

Are you planning for the trekking tour with your loved one? Are you an adventure lover? Do you need to enjoy the vacation with your family and create the fun moment? If yes, then Nepal is one of the popular destinations in the world. Most of the people prefer Nepal for the trekking tour. There are huge ranges of trekking tour in Nepal available such as Mount Everest trek tour, Annapurna trek tour, Langtang valley trek, Everest base camp trek, and much more. You can choose the best one which suits your budget and needs.

Tips to find the reliable trekking agency in Nepal

Nepal is the multilingual and multicultural destination in the world. It is enriched with the natural beauty, snow-covered mountains, and others. If you visit Nepal at least once then you cannot forget it for the lifelong. Nepal is the perfect destination for the trekking. The autumn and winter are the ideal seasons for the adventure mountain trekking that provides great opportunity to trek in Nepal. In the adventure mountain treks, you can explore the snow-covered mountain, lake, village, forest, and others.


If you are planning for the trekking tour then you can choose the top trekking agency in Nepal. When you are hiring the trekking agency then you should consider the various factors such as license, cost, experience, client review and others. You follow the tips when selecting the trekking agency.

  • The license is one of the important factors to consider when choosing the trekking agency. The company is registered with the company like TAAN, NTB, NMA, and others. You can check the agency is registered or not.
  • The experience is another factor to know about their reliability and service. The experienced company provides the best service to their clients. They have the knowledge to about the trekking so they help you to complete the trekking successfully.
  • The client feedback is the best source to know about the trekking agency their popularity, business strength, service quality and others. You can read the client review from the official portal of the agency.
  • You should check the safety standard before hiring the trekking agency. The trekking is easy and strenuous that can be harmful. The agency provides the safety measures and standard health for the trekkers.

These tips help you to find the right trekking agency that helps you to get the trekking and adventure experience in Nepal.

Hire best trekking package to trek in Nepal

When it comes to hosting trekking in Nepal you have lots of choices nowadays. Nepal is paradise when planning to host trekking on your holidays. Every year, numerous people are making Nepal trip to visit beautiful adventure spots with their friends. Trekking in Nepal offers a wonderful opportunity to trekkers to climb mountains easily with the guidance of experts. Travel agents are available to convey reliable information on hosting trekking in the region. They guide you to travel on perfect routes on climbing mountains in Nepal and Himalaya. Tour operators provide excellent guidance for all travelers to visit more tourists’ spots in Nepal.

Best tour operators:

To host Nepal trekking, travel experts are existed to offer a possible solution to all trekkers. This trekking provides stunning trek routes to travel most popular places. Various routes are available for travelers to make an adventure. They are highly experienced in offering the best service to trekkers. Base camp trekking offers a wonderful trekking experience to travelers on reaching spots in a short time. Everest base camp trek is one of most popular trekking destination that preferred h by numbers of travelers. However, travel experts offer complete details of trekking that assist to make tour without any issues.

Everest base camp trek

In the Base camp trekking, you might see views of mountain peaks. Trekkers climb mountains via flora and fauna region, rivulets and rivers. Various options are available there to find out right travel packages to host base camp trekking. According to fitness level and skills of the person, trekking will be hosted. Nepal is the home of the Himalaya which discovers beautiful ranges of mountains. In the trekking, you might see unexplored views of mountain ranges. Awesome trekking packages are offered for trekkers to enjoy their holidays with the new location. Towering mountains and dramatic landscapes are seen on the trek. It offers a more memorable experience to trekkers.

Visit breathtaking scenery:


Annapurna Base Camp trek provides a unique experience to the travelers. Trekking will be hosted for some days to see all natural and wondering tourists’ spots. At the affordable tour package, you visit museums and monasteries with the trekking group. Across swing bridges, hot foods are served in the evening time. So, go trekking with tour operators to obtain an unforgettable experience and enjoy those days at mountaineering sites. They also help you to choose best tour package to host holiday trip in Nepal.


A Guide on How to Choose the Best Trekking Agency in Nepal

Are you deciding to trek or peak climbing in Nepal? Well, choosing the right trekking agency is one of the important decisions of any climbing, trekking, or hiking plan. Did you know that the choice of trekking agency could either make or break the trek? So, it is imperative to do enough research on the agency before engaging with them. Here, you will get some useful tips on choosing the best trekking agency in Nepal.

peak climbing in Nepal

Tips to choose the best trekking agency in Nepal

When it comes to choosing the top trekking agency in Nepal, you need to ensure that you are working at the appropriate and reliable trekking agency. Prior to getting into the trekking agency selection process, it is crucial to understand and acknowledge your needs and expectations.

You must be clear on things you want from the agency and ensure the agency offers the full-blown support. It includes tents, porters, entertainment, transport, etc to make your trip amazing. If you engage with the wrong one, you will tend to face many problems and grievances.

Since trekking agencies come in all sizes, shapes, and reputations, it is vital to do enough online and offline research to choose the suitable agency. Make use of the travel websites such as TripAdvisor to get reviews of different trekking agencies and their experience.

Read reviews and feedback left about the agency by the previous customers. You can ask recommendation for the person who has recently trekked to the same place, which you wish to go and get their personal experience.


Next, you have to contact the agencies through phone or email and inquire about the Langtang treks package or other packages based on your needs. If the agency is close to your area, then visit their office in person. Clearly speak about your desire, needs, and expectations. Additionally, get the best plan according to your needs from the agency.

What to look for while choosing the trekking agency

Picking the agency can be done easily if you understand the importance of considering the following factors. You have to look at these factors in-depth while selecting the agency.

• Credibility and reputation of the trekking agency

• Responsiveness

• Language (communication tool)

• Group details

• Tools and equipment that agency offer

• Climbing and trekking itinerary

• Porters guide

• Medical emergency

• Cost and other charges

• Referrals

• Trip booklet


Nepal – Best Place To Go For Adventure Activities

In the present scenario, there are many destinations are there for trekking, climbing peaking and much others. But Nepal is one of the well-known and popular places for the trekking. Nepal has the challenging and thrilling trekking as well as the other adventure activities. Trekking in Nepal gives more unique and most memorable experience to the trekkers. There are many places to visit in Nepal such as the Mountain Everest, Annapurna Base Camp, Kanchenjunga Base Camp and many others. All these places are so worthy place to visit in Nepal.

Every year most of the people used to visit Nepal because it gives them a rich & unique experience of amazing & stunning backdrops, challenging and rough terrains and then the magic show as well. There are wide ranges of treks in the Nepal which are arranged and well synchronized for the travel enthusiasts.

Avail more experience in Trekking

In Nepal, the Everest base camp trek is one of the most famous trekking adventures. A massive number of people used to choose this trekking place to view the nature of Himalayan Mountain. The tour trekking takes the trekkers to the greatest mountain in the world. It provides the beautiful and stunning view of the Himalayas Mountain such as Mt. Cho Oyu, Annapurna, Kathmandu, Lhotse, and others.


Likewise the Mountain Everest, the Annapurna Base Camp trek attacks more numbers of people by trekking in Himalayan. The Himalaya region is the organized trails and provides good-looking and astonishing views to the visitors every year. Most trekking destinations are existed to tour on the right and best path. It provides custom and society on the wide variety of ethnicities. The base camp offers high altitude of worn lands and deserts.

Choose the best company

Are you planning for the Trekking in Nepal ? If so then it is essential to hire the travel company. Nowadays there is a huge range of travel companies who offer the adventure tour package in Nepal are available to choose from so pick the best company who suits your needs and budget. There are many factors to consider while choosing the travel company such as the customer reviews, price, reputation, service they offer, quality and much more.


All these factors will help and useful for you to choose the best company. The trusted company will offer the huge range of adventure tour package at the reasonable price so pick the suitable one for you. The experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will help you throughout the trekking.

Get The Superior Adventure In The Ama Dablam Expedition Trekking

Do you want to climb the mount Ama Dablam from South mountainin beginners to easily start climbing on mountains? Normally, Trekking in the foothills of Ama Dablam is the best way to travel far-off destination across different valleys that brings you complete perspective for viewing natural semblance and cultural aspects in Nepal. In fact, walking on the Ama Dablam Expedition trekking trails would be a great option to enjoy the fascinating alpine forests as well as wide open pasturelands. Lots of trekkers get attracted towards the untainted and untouched destination and here is the wonderful option for you to get the most amazing aspects. Forgetting the complete tranquillity as well as splendid view of the mountain ranges and it is the best-beaten path to easily embark. Witness the never seen before the landscape with walking less explored region in Nepal. Adventure Mountain Treks  brings you the great opportunity for you to easily make your trekking enjoyable to trek in much more amazing manner. Of course, on your travel, you would also get a professional guide who would bring you complete guidance all through the path to high excellence. With the professional guiding expedition, you would easily walk through the lush green forests and the trekkers would definitely enjoy every day of the trekking. it one of the best place of Himalayan tapestry with some peaks including offers in the extensive backdrop with unique pictures in the wide range across the gaping valleys.

Ama Dablam Expedition

Excellent Trekking Arrivals:

The beauty of hilly lays over the clouds also gives you the complete way of viewing the laid-back lifestyle to the people who make the trip momentous. Hiking is another highlight of best-beaten trekking in Nepal. Excellent sunrise views on the Everest Expedition also shows you the amazing option to enjoy the visit and enable complete aspects of getting the beautiful view of the trading route, rich local culture and many more to the excellence. Water is scintillating delights to witness on your trekking here so that it would be a great way to easily observe daily lifestyle. View the most magnificent place of your journey to the mountains and return back to tour in Nepal. Of course, you can also efficient witness never seen before landscape as well as walk into the mountains where people have walked less and explored the region in Nepal. Get the complete hassle free trekking to the excellence and much more efficient way to enable best trekking aspects.

Realize the Glorious Adventure of Various Trekking

Worldwide trekkers will aim to reach the world's highest Mountain of Everest. Everest trekking allocates new experience and they will live some moments happily from their stress entailed life. You will get to view miscellaneous places during the Everest base camp trek. Those places are mentioned below:


The height which you trek to reach Annapurna Base Camp trek is of 7,000 and 8,000 meters. Along with that, you will see many different landscapes. This base camp trek is the famous trek most of the trekkers will preferably visit there. The extended length of this camp will proffer you the best-terraced rice paddies, lush rhododendron forests and high altitude landscapes.

Annapurna Base Camp trek

Annapurna has been parted like Annapurna I at the height of 8091 m, Annapurna South height of 7219 m, the Machapuchhre height of 6993 m and Hiunchuli is on 6441 m. The greatest viewpoint of all these hills is the specialty of Annapurna region.

Everest base camp trek:

In the Everest base camp trek, Gokyo Ri is the place which is the central point to see all the four of the 14 eight-thousanders in the world. The Cho Oyu is the place which is located left to the Gokyo Ri. The glacier-filled mountain called Ngozumpa which is the widest glacier mountain in the Himalayas. The height of the Everest base camp trek is about 9,300 ft to 8,600 ft. But this is all feet of the Everest camp.

Everest base camp trek

Along with the given places, the Trekking in Nepal will proffer various experiences. The beautiful Everest High Passes, roaring Dudhkoshi River, renowned Namche bazaar, serene Imjatse valley and several Buddhist residents. Everest is the place of adventure you will touch the feel of excitement at each and every step you are taking.

Rules of trek:

Don't conclude that trekking is just for viewing the different places. But it's a chance to check about your ability of both mental and physical fitness. Since the trekking requires more patience and good body condition.

The preferred travel agency will examine all these things before heading the trek. If they notice that you are unfit means they will advise to not trek. But otherwise, they will perfectly offer proper accommodation facilities and enchanting trekking. But you need to trek along with them and try to cooperate with their instructions.

Since you're trekking is based on the remote peak mountains even you get bored while trekking the guide will encourage you by telling the interesting facts about the place. So you have to book the foremost travel agency for the smooth trip.

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